Campagnolo H11 ErgoPower Disc Brake 11 Speed Ultra Shift Hoods - Black

Campagnolo H11 ErgoPower Disc Brake 11 Speed Ultra Shift Hoods - Black

EPS Standard Power Unit Holder

CAMPAGNOLO Record EPS Standard Power Unit Holder

Campagnolo Record EPS Electronic Power Unit

  • Campagnolo Record EPS Electronic Power Unit.
  • This is the heart and brain of the Campagnolo electronic drivetrain.
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  • Campagnolo Record EPS Electronic Power Unit.
  • The brain of the system, DTI (DigitalTech Intelligence), as well as the battery pack, are inside the Power Unit, the system's source of power.
  • This is the heart, brain and the "right hand" (this controls the motors and their operating power) of Campagnolo electronic drivetrain.
  • The main functions of the DTI are:
  •  monitoring and managing the battery pack.
  •  enabling and monitoring the rear derailleur and derailleur.
  •  signalling any anomalies through the rgb led.
  •  communicating with the interface.
  •  enabling the acoustic buzzer.
  • Once it has received digital signals from the interface, the Power Unit processes them through a special algorithm and translates them into movement of the rear derailleur and derailleur.
  • The DTI, Digital Tech Intelligence, which is housed inside the Power Unit, continuously monitors the signals that arrive from the interface and the rear derailleur and derailleur, thus managing their operation.
  • The Power Unit, along with the interface, also acts as the diagnostic centre of the system, signalling any anomalies in the system through an rgb led and an acoustic buzzer placed in the Power Unit.
  • The electronics of the system are housed inside the Power Unit.
  • This strategic choice allowed us to make the system less vulnerable to external agents (such as oil, water, mud and dust) and make it stable even when subjected to significant vibrations, such as those generated by professional athletes on the road of classic north routes.
  • This way any errors in the system are dramatically limited and the system is guaranteed to function even in extreme conditions, be it weather, be it terrain.
  • In particular, the special case housing the Battery Pack has been produced in a self-extinguishing plastic material (UL94 VØ).
  • The DTI is equipped with a number of input/output data ports that allow you to check the system remotely and even update the Firmware and Eprom.
  • The BATTERY uses Lithium ion technology and has unprecedented autonomy.
  • The fully-charged system operates at values of 11.1 nominal Volts (a capacity of 950mAh) and 12.6 maximum Volts.
  • The autonomy depends on the type of use of the system: in stand-by or in movement.
  • In STAND-BY mode the system is able to maintain the charge for up to 6 months, at the end of which the red led on the system will signal that the battery requires charging.
  • To avoid damaging the battery pack, the system turns off automatically when it reaches 9 Volts, to avoid it from dropping below this voltage.
  • If it reaches 7.2 Volts, a special circuit inside the battery pack (PCM) turns the battery pack off to avoid absorbing additional energy and thus avoiding damage to the battery pack.
  • Once this charge level has been reached and if the led indicating the battery level is off, it is advisable to recharge the battery so as to avoid damage to the system.
  • It is advisable to recharge the system a maximum of every 6 months so as to avoid the battery from going flat.
  • The level of autonomy when used on the road depends on how intensely the system is used.
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