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Campagnolo Comp Ultra Over-Torque Carbon Crankset. • Extremely low weight of 563 grams.
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Campagnolo Comp Ultra Over-Torque Carbon Crankset. • Campagnolo’s dedication to continuous innovation means that they never accept current limits but rather consistently try to push them further. • Their latest development Over-Torque technology is a testament to this dedication. • The Super Record Ultra Torque crankset with titanium axle is one of the lightest and stiffest solutions available. However, the mission of Campagnolo is not merely to have a highly competitive product but rather to continuously innovate to find new solutions. • The newest solution from Campagnolo comes in the form of cranksets developed with the recently developed Over-Torque technology. The revolutionary new Over-Torque product was developed in an effort not only to push the limits of both rigidity and weight but also to come in a format that adapts in a more efficient manner to frames with oversized bottom bracket designs. • Following the Campagnolo philosophy of keeping the bearings at the widest stance possible in combination with a large diameter axle the Over-Torque construction has an extremely wide stance for bearings in addition to a 30mm axle diameter. • These two factors, combined with a newly designed crankarm produce a 5% rigidity increase over the current Super Record crankset as well as an increase of 10% with regards to the weight/rigidity relationship. • Despite the common belief that increased rigidity and reactivity comes only with the drawback of added weight, the Campy Tech Lab has designed the Over-Torque in such a manner that it not only has increased performance characteristics but also reduces weight. • The new design in the Comp Ultra version weighs in at nearly 54 grams less the previous lightweight offering from Campagnolo. • At 563 grams the Comp Ultra represents a new low-weight benchmark for its class and when considering its rigidity and capability to transfer power efficiently is perhaps the new quality standard for oversized bottom bracket cranksets. • For example,the new Over-Torque series of cranksets were tested and validated at fatigue levels over ten times higher than current regulations require. • Corrosion tests above and beyond what are used in the automotive industry were employed to guarantee that the materials used will hold up against the elements. • Campagnolo even went as far as to develop and patent new production processes and treatments that guarantee the maximum in quality and structural reliability of the product over time. • With this attention to detail added with the complete traceability of each and every part Campagnolo guarantees the uniform quality of each and every piece of every product it produces. • Comp Ultra 11s has an extremely low weight of 563 grams. • Available in 53x39 configuration with crankarm length of 172.5mm. • Designed to interface perfectly with 68x42, 68x46, 86.5x46 (BB386) and BSA bottom bracket standards.
More Information
Brand Campagnolo
Model Comp Ultra
Colour Carbon
Material Carbon
Category Road
Type Standard or Compact
Compatibility 11sp

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